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Building Trust and Understanding

Today's headlines provide countless examples of unconscious and conscious biases which serve as barriers between people.   In a work environment, this can hurt your bottom line and create risk to the organization.  Creating a policy and providing training can satisfy state requirements for Sexual Harassment training (California AB1825 and the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act)  and federal Non-Discrimination requirements, but sometimes that's not enough to make a difference.

Facilitating change requires trust, understanding, and a commitment to action.   The learning that happens when you give people the opportunity to engage and truly listen is the precursor to a transformative experience.  Change happens when we openly explore differences and come together to focus on what we have in common and why this is worth fighting for. 

We deliver custom Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) workshops that are relevant.  Our goals are to create a working awareness of the requirements for preventing sexual harassment and discrimination; increase skill in recognizing potential problems and understanding of reporting obligations; and provide methodologies for addressing and preventing employee issues as they arise.  We use interactive training with hands-on activities and real examples to reinforce learning and facilitate a path towards a change in behavior.

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