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Just a phone call away

Regardless of whether you have your own team of HR staff or HR is just one of the many hats you and your staff wear, there just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. The team at The HR Manager can update handbooks; create or update programs and policies; perform policy and program assessments; train and coach; assess and implement new HR software to streamline your processes; conduct compensation surveys; provide support during a leave; or just provide the extra set of eyes that you need to keep things on course.  

We can provide project or on-going expertise based on your needs.  The Return-on-Investment (ROI) comes from having expert support that is just a phone call away, but at a fraction of the cost.  We get to know you and your organization, but as consultants, we are one step removed from internal challenges and relationships.

"As entrepreneurs, my partner and I often still think of our hotel management company in terms of its small beginnings. However, over the years, our business has grown substantially and we now oversee various hotel operations with numerous employees. In the summer of 2007, we recognized that our organization needed additional human resources expertise and we decided to work with The HR Manager. As a consultant, Edna has provided us with ready access to a high level of knowledge and sophisticated advice in the human resources field. She is always available to listen to issues that come up in the workplace, to provide valuable insights and to offer practical solutions to problems. Perhaps more importantly, Edna provides us with a resource to assist us in spotting employment issues before they become a problem and developing better employment practices. Besides being knowledgeable and intelligent in her field, Edna is a pleasure to work with. I whole heartedly recommend Edna and the quality of her services to any business owner."

Peter Heinemann, Passport Resorts LLC (Post Ranch Inn, Cavallo Point)