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Affordable and Value-based Expertise

Employers, no matter what size or industry are expected to meet certain basic HR requirements.  The challenge is knowing what the right rules are when hiring, paying and even off-boarding employees.  Doing it the wrong way can create a situation that takes you and your company off track and will result in unintended consequences.


The Return on Investment (ROI)  is significant when partnering with The HR Manager.  We offer right sized solutions and work with internal staff to provide HR services that meet your needs. You'll have ready access to a full team of HR experts when you need it.  Sample projects include creating a tailored handbook; recruiting talent; coaching and training; right-sizing the organization; creating an HR infrastructure; managing performance; costing and recommending effective alternatives for health insurance and benefits; writing and implementing policies; providing on-boarding and off-boarding templates to standardize processes throughout the organization.  You name it; we've probably done it!

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